Development of Effective Customer Strategies

We help based on customer knowledge and company strategy to develop an effective customer strategy, in order to retain most valuable customers and acquire new ones to increase market share.

Customer Portfolio Analysis and Segmentation

Customers, shareholders and employees must recognise that the success of any business depends on its ability to know what customers need and deliver it. A customer segmentation provides essential direction for the delivery of a combination of basic and complex bundled products, services and pricing packages.

Customer Profitability Analysis and Modelling

To be able to concentrate on the most valuable customers, we provide methods to analyse and model customer profitability to increase the customer value.

CRM Process Analysis and Optimisation

CRM Processes have to be efficient to carry out effective campaigns, to acquire new customers and to reduce churn. We help you to analyse and optimise them.

Predictive Modelling on Customer Behaviour

We provide methods to discover customer behaviour. Based on this knowledge we use predictive modelling to estimate and influence their future behaviour (e.g. reduction of future churn by detecting the most endangered customers and taking the right actions to retain the valuable ones).

Defining the Optimal Data and System Architecture

A consistent and comprehensive data and system architecture is important to be able to create models and analyse customer behaviour. We help you to define them to achieve this goal.

Customer Value Management

The company effort should focus on the customer value. The aim is a win-win situation, for the customer and the enterprise.

Project Management

We provide project management services to accelerate the project success.

Seminars about Customer Management

We offer seminars to enable you to increase the customer value. We analyse which factors influence customer value and how you can affect them to enhance market share.